About the project

The Danube-Networkers organization in Ulm started a new project in September 2015. The new project is called “Tastes of Danube: Bread, Wine, Herbs”
and welcomes civil society organizations, schools, single persons and groups in Germany and all other Danube countries as active participants.

Transnational activities will be designed and carried out circling around bread, wine and herbs as traditional groceries and luxury foods which are equally
common in all countries along the Danube river. The different activities will offer a chance to not only get knowledge about the use and meaning of these
foods nowadays, but to research about their social and cultural history throughout the countries.

In “Tastes of Danube” bread, wine and herbs are more than food: They are tokens of cultural community or separation, witnesses of both the present
way of life and history. The focus is on team activity, to exchange experience and to meet – in real life as in the internet.

Take part: Intercultural Dinner
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Easter Lamb
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Pancetta-Wrapped Asparagus
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We are part of the Tastes of Danube project initiated in 2015 by the Danube Networkers.

Next Events

29. April - 1. May & 5. – 7. May 2016, Krems/Austria

International Danube Day
29. June 2016

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